Our services in detail

We provide exceptional service at fair prices, having constant regard for the highest standards, cleanliness and concern for the environment. Ensuring a safe work environment for employees and visitors.

General Cleaning Services

We have been providing our services to both the private and public sectors for many years. Whether you’re looking for a cleaner on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, temporary or permanent for small office or a big industrial park, we can provide our services to you.

Commercial Hygiene Services

We provide commercial cleaning to offices, buildings, child care centers, medical centers and even work spaces area, lunch areas, employees changing rooms and shower in industrial office areas as well. Our cleaning staff work within the Health and Safety policies of each location. Our on-site Supervisor (s) always work with on-site cleaners.

Your reception area represents your first impression. Everyone wants it to always be fresh and inviting. Your staff also need a clean work environment too. Choose Nucentury and we’ll keep your workplace super hygienic for you.

Client’s security is always our top priority. All our staff are screened with Police checks, and fully aware of securing premises whether they work after hours.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Our carpet steam cleaning services will maintain, protecting your carpeted areas with anti-static treatment. Using high commercial equipment and vacuums machines. Leaving it fresh, clean, and looking new.

Strips and Seals

We offer full “Strip & Seal’ services, stripping old polish and applying new polish on a wide range of surfaces, including timber, tiles, lino and vinyl.

Internal and External Glass Cleaning

We employ only the best, safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products for internal and external window cleaning. You can confidently expect your windows and glass be cleaned thoroughly and safety, whilst great care is administered to the inside and outside panes of your property.

Consumables Services

We supply and deliver a large range of consumables for your business at a very competitive rates. Available as once off or ongoing services, we help ensure your business is running smoothly on a daily basis. These include cleaning material, equipment, kitchen supplies and toilet and bathroom requisites.

Graffiti Removal

Using the latest tools and technology, we provide an effective and efficient finish on any surface. Rest assured, our experience in graffiti removal methods are safe and our goal is to ensure we leave no trace of the graffiti, without harming the surface.

High Pressure Cleaning

We also offer you high pressure cleaning services including cleaning of exterior surfaces through hot water and advanced tools, debris, dirt, stains, even the ‘mystery grimes’ are done away with, natural procedures used without leveraging excessive chemicals.

Building Maintenance

Our general maintenance and repair service includes electrical, plumbing, painting, and gardening. A most valuable service as the requirement for the maintenance or repair of any building/property is a common theme across any business. We pride ourselves on our ability to carry out all work in an efficient manner, no matter how small or large the task may be.

Tag and Testing

Our experienced team at NuCentury can consult as well as provide testing and tagging services for all your electrical equipment.

WHS is something we take seriously; members of the NuCentury team have completed the appropriate test and tag training courses and are fully certified. We complete regular inspections, testing and maintenance on all equipment, vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines at regular intervals ensuring we comply with the legislative requirements.

Don’t take risks with your safety or that of your employees; get in touch with us now to arrange an inspection, and we will make sure you equipment is compliant with safety regulations.

Pest Control

We offer pest control services to remove any and all infestations entirely from any property. Our network of very knowledgeable and skilled pest controllers have extensive knowledge of the insects, vermin and other pests which may commonly reside around properties. With us, you can ensure you are in touch with the top point of contact whom may aid you in controlling or eradicating any array of pests.

NuCentury Pty Ltd

Our head office, located in Sydney, is the hub of our facility services work, with satellite locations across Australia.

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