Our Response to COVID-19

NuCentury recognises that we are experiencing challenging times ahead as a global community in response to covid-19. We continue to strive and provide a safe and friendly environment for our customers, team members and the communities in which we operate.

  • Commitment

    NuCentury are taking the outbreak of COVID-19 seriously.

    NuCentury is committed to ensuring that our valued client’s properties are cleaned, sanitised and disinfected by adhering to the NSW Health guidelines and regulations, having certification and strictly complying with the most state-of-the-art procedures.

    Staff and management at NuCentury are taking the outbreak of COVID-19 seriously.

    We are available 24/7 and you can rest assured knowing that NuCentury has sufficient capacity in its operations team and workforce to mobilise additional cleaners with appropriate training and PPE at short notice.

    As situational factors, advice and operational impacts of the coronavirus pandemic continue to evolve rapidly, NuCentury continue to review operations and ensure we are able to meet variable demand.

  • Safety

    How we keep our sites safe and secure.

    Over the past twelve months, we have established a COVID-19 Committee, who partake in regular meetings to ensure NuCentury is up to date with current Australian guidelines Increased cleaning regimen at all sites, including focus on high-touch areas. We have developed tailored training modules that are delivered via regular Toolbox Talks in relation to Social Distancing, Hygiene Practices, Use of PPE, COVID-19 symptoms and mental health and well-being. We developed a COVID-19 response plan to share with existing clients that provides confidence within our services. 

  • Assistance

    How we can assist you during the pandemic.

    Pre-emptive surface disinfection and Infection Control
    We know that Coronavirus can live on surfaces for hours in the right environment, according to the World Health Organisation. To prevent the infection, we have identified preventative cleaning of all touch points with a hospital grade disinfectant.

    Our professional cleaning staff are trained in the latest methods for infection prevention and control (IPC). We are committed to maintaining and exceeding the Department of Health’s standards for the general health and wellbeing of our clients and all personnel on our sites.

    Post contamination Cleaning/ Covid-19 Special Response

    In the event that your workplace is impacted by exposure to a virus such as COVID-19 or any such contamination a systematic and coordinated approach to environmental contamination is required. NuCentury will work quickly and efficiently to disinfect the contaminated area/s, safely disposing of hazardous waste, with minimal disruption to your business.  Equipped with the essential safety apparatus and specialised sanitisation chemicals, NuCentury technicians are on-call to assist with the decontamination and remediation of any unsafe environment.

NuCentury Pty Ltd

Our head office, located in Sydney, is the hub of our facility services work, with satellite locations across Australia.

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Our Response to COVID-19.