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At NuCentury, our commitment to the health, safety and welfare of all employees as well as any other person affected by our business activities is second to none. Our commitment is to reach a target of zero (0) accidents or injuries, however if injuries do occur we are committed to efficient and effective injury management.

We believe this commitment can only be achieved through a systematic and consultative approach to Occupational Health & Safety. It is the policy of NuCentury that each employee shall be provided with a safe and healthy place in which to work. To achieve this Management will make every reasonable effort in the areas of accident and injury prevention, hazard removal and control. These aspects of working conditions will be given top priority in company plans, procedures, programs and duty statements.

We believe that every employee has an important role to play in accident and injury prevention, and is expected to cooperate completely in measures taken to avoid the possibility of bodily injury or damage to property.

Reducing accidents and related costs will permit the company to be more competitive in its industry, thus helping to safeguard employment. To this effect the company has embarked on an accident prevention and safety program for the benefit of all its employees.

The commitment of Management at all levels to this policy and principles, and the acceptance of accountability for implementation, are the basic prerequisites to the achievement of company goals and aspirations’.

NuCentury Pty Ltd

Our head office, located in Sydney, is the hub of our facility services work, with satellite locations across Australia.

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